Mandy Biles - StRide By StRide Equestrians Guide
Connecting us, through goals, to life's brightest potential.

StRide By StRide Equestrian's Guide

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Created By Coach Mandy Biles

Welcome to StRide By StRide! We are about to take a ride on an amazing journey, through our goals, to life’s highest potential. You made a brilliant decision already to invest in yourself by being here. You’ve already gained over an 80% separation from others by committing to your own growth. I believe in you because of this and that is the honest to goodness truth!

It is a new time; you want to try new things, something different, you are curious. Curiosity is maybe what brought you here. ‘This is interesting’ you may have heard from your inner voice. ‘I wonder what this is about. Is it for me? I want to see.’ Welcome your curiosity! Encourage your courageousness to be here. Through courage becomes your power of redemption in a sense of embracing improvement and transformation.

  • Curiosity is inquisitiveness, interest, oddity, novelty, wonder, and marvel.
  • Courage is the most important quality in humankind. It is the first of human virtues as it makes all others possible as Aristotle pointed out. It is considered one of the twelve cardinal virtues and has been tied to the month of January for this is the "newest" time of the year. Courage is bravery and valor. It is heroism, boldness, spirit, daring and nerve.

"Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway." - John Wayne

One idea in this program could change your future. I encourage you to be present and join the group. Projects and activities within, taken StRide by StRide, will align you with the STAR GOAL of your choice. Your own Shiny Tremendous And Real Goal Oriented Action List will transpire.

Learning To Set Goals Is The Life-Skill Of Success

There are four seperate, yet intertwined, quarters comprising one whole StRide By Stride Equestrian's Guide.


Each quarter has twelve cycles:
< < - Write - Vision - Saddle - Behave - Vice - Core - Believe - Replace - Map - Affirm - Commit - Reward - > >

Each cycle visits goals, inside resources, outside resources and awareness.

Each quarter includes different, yet overlapping, horse management topics. A project is explored each quarter.

Learning to set goals is the master-skill of success.


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Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway.  John Wayne

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