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BOOKS: Bringing Out Opportunistic Knowledge Sharing

Books and Resources for Getting the Most Out of Them
By Mandy Biles | December 2017

I used to enjoy books on tape, especially when driving to do the next clinic or Pony Club regional activity, and now that passion has turned into audio books. My favorite resource for using them is OverDrive. It is an application tied to a library card. Books and other media can be digitally checked out from the library and downloaded onto a device; I put them on my android phone. I also have an Audible account, this is specifically for audio books. The database is large and I pay a monthly fee ($15) for a credit. Great content can be exponentially delivered beyond the cost of this credit.  I feel it is a wonderful investment in myself.  These books are mine forever too and tend to listen to the best over and over again.  Kindle is another app I use.  It is for books in digital or audio form.  They have WhisperSync for both written text and placing it in Audible to be able to listen to it.  Really cool technology.  I tried the KindleUnlimited however did not understand it at first so I cancelled it. Now I get there is access to all of the books, therefore unlimited.  I will try this again.  Here is how you can do it and below is a list of my favorites.  Enjoy!


  1. Get a local library card (for free)
    • Go to the library to get one or
    •  Use the OverDrive app and order one
  1. Visit or search for the app in your device's store (it is free) and tie it to the card and place the app on your device
  2. Search for and check out in order to download free books
  3. Listen for up to 21 days



  • Click above to try it for a month and get two free audio books to keep!  A really good deal.


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Mandy's Book


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This is a highlighted guide by Amanda (Mandy) Biles, for learning and researching tying-up and azoturia as equine exertional rhabdomyolysis, the most common muscle problem in horses.  The five star review indicates it is informative: "Concise and to the point.  Explained the different types of azoturia and scenarios it may more frequently present.  A quick but information packed read, liked the quiz in the end!"


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My favorites for personal impact in teaching and learning in a motivational manner that I could listen to over and over again for added value:


A few flavors for equestrian related self-reflection and teachings to implement for connection with equine partners that I recommend for all of us learners:


For a good listen in study and research of the horse encompassing a truly amazing amount of content embracing many aspects of life in general: