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The Importance of Learning to Develop Self-Awareness and Investing in a Coach Promoting IT

Self-awareness is developed, not inherent, not instant. IT is created art. It is the ability to clearly perceive oneself. But it is hard to observe self, especially without judgement. This is where a coach comes in handy. A coach notices educational opportunities.  They are there to take a journey with folks from where they are to where they want to be.  IT is just like stepping onto a stagecoach, taking a hold of the reins, headed for the next stop and you have a partner to help direct, although you are still ultimately the driver.

Developing truthful self-awareness is the light in transformational behavior changes and recognition of assessment in the future.  Appreciating the desire to have a life-coach on board is awareness at its roots for this particular relationship.  It is a life-coach’s goal to develop self-awareness to a greater degree in persons they are assisting.   They do this with training clients to turn preferred results into goals.  Learning to set goals is the master skill of success.  Coaching steps include: 1.) Giving clients tools to calculate where / who they are prior to taking the journey toward goals. 2.) Helping them become aware of where / who they are presently and where they want to be. 3.) Allowing them to understand whom they need to become, in order to achieve desired goals. 

With all of this self-reflection, individuals learn to use this system, therefore, in turn, develop profoundly more self-awareness as constantly promoted by the coach.  This is supported by listening of answers through asking questions, watching, learning, reflecting; digging deep to get to the why behind the why.  This is important so the client can experience and understand the process.  Then they will be able to own their skills, lead their destiny and relinquish services of a life-coach eventually by becoming their own guide while appreciating IT.

"Believe you can and you're half way there." Theodore Roosevelt

With the awareness of using techniques suggested and / or taught while noticing how they feel, what they see and are capable of doing, clients are able to reproduce the likes of:

  • Writing for remembering or to get IT out
  • Deep breathing for instant relaxation, to diffuse tension and for meditation
  • Powerful imagery for creation of life outcomes since vision trumps all other senses
  • Setting up the environment so it supports goals and being the best
  • Behavior modifications with implementing new positive habits and replacing negative ones
  • Core values once hidden gems are a basis for everything done and a go to mechanism
  • Believing in self and transforming beliefs to the positive
  • Mapping out a course of action to take stride by stride following the plan as a guide
  • Affirming action and commitment with the ability to evaluate feedback without attachment
  • Rewarding this commitment, celebrating milestones and understanding of doing right

  • IT is an educational endeavor.  This takes learning how to become aware of what you are actually seeing and being able to place things in an honest light. It is essential to know where you truly are in relation to those around you and the path you are on toward the journey you are taking.  This allows you to believe in the truth of where you are and believe in the glow of the shiny, tremendous and real goal.  Look where you want to go, go to IT.

    IT is transformational training.  This requires growing the knowledge of being aware of what feelings are passing through so you can absorb them, soften them, or take a little time if necessary to reflect.  This allows you to make wise choices and make behavior shifts based on this recognition, knowing they are only emotions within at this point in time.  You are the vehicle, use IT.

    IT is developing new skills.  This entails discovering the wisdom within in a state of being aware of what you can do and choices you can make in order to contribute to a positive outcome.  This allows for openness to grow skills and cultivate tools to use to strengthen inherent strengths and improve upon weaknesses so you can do it.  By being honest and finding your truth you will find IT.  IT: Internal Teacher!

    "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve." Napoleon Hill

    With IT you can recognize what is happening in the present.  You absolutely know what you are doing.  You identify if you are beginning to repeat a past pattern.  You are able to ask yourself to evaluate the current situation and allow for answers to transpire.  You are also able to know when you do not know what you do not.  Therefore you can adjust and make positive decisions based on this now certain knowledge.  You are awesome!  You can do it!  You know how!  You are confident!

    When one is seeking a life-coach it may be because they feel they have hit rock bottom, are having a major struggle, they are stuck in being  busy rather than productive, or as a last resort for anything. Or, they may not even really know why; they may just know they need help.   At this point investing in oneself is foundational and making this investment through a life-coach that promotes self-awareness is building personal growth.  Anyone can explore the benefits of hiring a coach.  Learning about self and developing clarity of self-awareness is advantageous for all in becoming better every day.

    Mandy Biles

    IT is my mission to connect equestrians, through goals, to life’s highest potential, stride by stride.