Mandy Biles - StRide By StRide Equestrians Guide
Connecting us, through goals, to life's brightest potential.

WORD: Where One Realization Develops is a strategy for choosing a powerful word for the year (or a certain long term duration), the benefits of one although we have many goals, so you can progress toward your true intentions.


BOOKS: Bringing Out Opportunistic Knowledge Sharing is a process for implementing books to motivate, educate and lead us through life in listed and review of the favorites.  Highlighted is Mandy's published works.


HM PREP Facebook group is a free Horse Management Preparation & Readiness Evaluation Program for Pony Club members.  Work ahead toward your next HM goal stride by stride and stay informed on certification level courses.


Jump On In Now!  Join the StRide by StRide Equestrians Guide Facebook group to take a ride on an amazing journey and experience the concepts of the year long program holding to the core of truth, belief and growth for a twelve week exploration each of LEARN, CREATE, IMPACT and DREAM.  Invest in yourself and live your best year ever.